16th June 2011

I had worked in a large company in London for many years and apart from doing my own emails, my secretary who did all the computer work for me.

If anything went wrong with the hardware or software, one had to log a call with the IT helpdesk but often several days went by before they could sort out the problem or even reply to you. It was very frustrating.

When I left the company and set up on my own I was quite clueless with the computer. Thankfully I was recommended to Andy at Leighton Computer Services and I went to see him to talk over what I needed to set up my new business.

Andy came round to my house and installed a new computer with a suitably large capacity to take large files and PowerPoint presentations. He also set up Broadband for me.

If ever I need any advice, Andy is able to help.  My printer didn’t work the other day and Andy came round to test it out and got things going again. Recently I emailed Andy to ask how I could open a strange looking file attached to an email. He emailed me back immediately sending me the link so I could open what turned out to be the latest version of a Microsoft file.

Thanks Andy

From Paula, Eggington Research Ltd.

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