20 Group

I am inviting you to join my ’20 Group’. Only 6 places are now left for this great offer:

For ONLY £60 per month plus VAT you will get

  • 1 Hour of my time/work (20 years experience in I.T.)
  • PRIORITY over other (non-20group)bookings
  • Telephone Advice (Speed counts)
  • Remote help (It’s how the future is)
  • ON-SITE Visit (Up to 10 mile radius of Leighton Buzzard)
  • MON-FRI 9am-5:30pm

Terms and Conditions

  • Existing customers will have priority to join, but new are welcome.
  • This is not a CONTRACT, no payments in advance are asked for
  • Just a monthly payment by BACS or Direct Debit ONLY
  • If you are not happy you can cancel with 1 months notice
  • If I am not happy I will cancel with 1 months notice
  • Payments and hour are not transferable or returnable for obvious reasons as you are buying experience, time and priority.
  • When I am on holiday the monthly payment will be less or none dependant on my holiday (I will inform you in time).
  • Waiting list will be formed when the 20 places are filled.
  • Extra hours are charged at LCS v.competitive rates.

Is it for you or will it be of benefit to your Business?

Be open minded and ask yourself:

  • How much do I need the computer to work when I need it?
  • How long can I wait for the problem to be solved?
  • Can small problem cause a big delay in my jobs efficiency?
  • How much do I get frustrated or annoyed when things go wrong?
  • Am I worth it and is my Business worth it

IF most of this applies to you then don’t think twice and give it a go and join in.

For all interested customers please email: andy@leightoncomputers.com

If you prefer texting please text Andy on: 07837 299229


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