LCS offers New and Refurbished laptops. New laptops come with 12 months guarantee. LCS also offer Refurbished machines with either an LCS 90 day Warrranty or in some casesĀ One year manufacturers refurbished machines or remainder of..

Each LCS refurbished laptop has gone through vigorous testing and in many cases have new parts have been fitted making them very good value for money, in fact in our view offer much better value for money as well as quality than many new machines. Most LCS refurbished machines will have Windows 10 operating system, as MS support for Windows 7 ceased from Jan 2020.

LCS refurbished machines are mainly laptopsĀ from LCS customers that have upgraded to new laptops, or where repairs have been deemed beyond economic repair (in these cases LCS has refurbished these machines as and when cost effective parts/repairs are able to be carried out). Refurbished machines offer excellent value for money.

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