We all want and hope that new year 2015 will be better, more successful than last year, even if 2014 was not so bad.

Start new year with new idea, new plan.

Move your Business a step forward

Small change can mean a lot

I am inviting you to join my ’20 Group’. Only 20 places are available for this exciting offer:

For ONLY £50 per month plus VAT you will get

  • 1 Hour of my time/work (20 years experience in I.T.)
  • PRIORITY over other bookings (Where time is money)
  • Telephone Advice (Speed counts)
  • Remote help (It’s just amazing technology)
  • ON-SITE Visit (Up to 10 mile radius of Leighton Buzzard)
  • MON-FRI 9am-5:30pm

Terms and Conditions

  • Existing customers will have priority to join, but new are welcome.
  • This is not a CONTRACT, no payments in advance are asked for
  • Just a monthly payment by BACS or Direct Debit ONLY
  • If you are not happy you can cancel with 1 months notice
  • If I am not happy I will cancel with 1 months notice
  • Payments are not transferable or returnable for obvious reasons as you are buying experience, time and priority.
  • When I am on holiday the monthly payment will be less or none dependant on my holiday (I will inform you in time).
  • Waiting list will be formed when the 20 places are filled.

Is it for you or will it be of benefit to your Business?

Be open minded and ask yourself:

  • How much do I need the computer to work when I need it?
  • How long can I wait for the problem to be solved?
  • Can small problem cause a big delay in my jobs efficiency?
  • How much do I get frustrated or annoyed when things go wrong?
  • Am I worth it and is my Business worth it

IF most of this applies to you then don’t think twice and give it a go and join in.

For all interested customers please email: 20group@leightoncomputers.com

If you prefer texting please text Andy on: 07837 299229




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