We have moved to 15 Bridge Street, Leighton Buzzard after many years on the Industrial Estate.  Same services, better location. Looking forward to continuing to provide a great service.

20 GROUP – New support – Amazing deal

Some Free advice to keep safe whilst browsing and updating on-line software:

Microsoft do NOT call individuals to tell them they have issues on their PC and charge for a fix. These call centres tend to be from the East and say they are calling from ‘Windows’, it is a complete SCAM and do NOT let them take control remotely of your desktop! They will soon after ask for debit card details, do NOT give those either.  Initially switch off your router and tell them you already have ‘Double Glazing’ or better that you do not have a computer!

Running Windows 10, but prefer the start menu of XP/7?  Try the ‘classic shell’ program.

Windows 10 has its own built in security, but its not as good as a third party security suites.

L.C.S. recommends ESET NOD32 Internet Security.

During install of downloaded software always check for those tick boxes easily bypassed, usual only offers of other software …….Do you really need it?

Try not to use more than one security suite (Antivirus/Firewall, one of each is fine), else this can lead to vast slow down and also loss of services and Internet.

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