16th June 2011

I had worked in a large company in London for many years and apart from doing my own emails, my secretary who did all the computer work for me.

If anything went wrong with the hardware or software, one had to log a call with the IT helpdesk but often several days went by before they could sort out the problem or even reply to you. It was very frustrating.

When I left the company and set up on my own I was quite clueless with the computer. Thankfully I was recommended to Andy at Leighton Computer Services and I went to see him to talk over what I needed to set up my new business.

Andy came round to my house and installed a new computer with a suitably large capacity to take large files and PowerPoint presentations. He also set up Broadband for me.

If ever I need any advice, Andy is able to help.  My printer didn’t work the other day and Andy came round to test it out and got things going again. Recently I emailed Andy to ask how I could open a strange looking file attached to an email. He emailed me back immediately sending me the link so I could open what turned out to be the latest version of a Microsoft file.

Thanks Andy

From Paula, Eggington Research Ltd.

  1. Adam Jackson says:

    My beloved Dell died suddenly. Unfortunately when I was needing it to complete some important reports and presentations. I had a look inside and did the usual things, but to no avail. I found Andy’s number and called. He made himself available immediately and I took the corpse of the Dell to him. After a quick inspection it was clear that the Dell was dead. I did need the data though. Andy skilfully navigated his way through the levels of encryption and managed to re-unite me with the content of my hard drive. Not only that’ but also supplied me with a new laptop at a great price and a reader for me to access the hard drive through a USB.

    Excellent service and very friendly. Would strongly recommend his services.

  2. Paul Green says:

    When my laptop crashed I did not know who to call in as we have only recently moved to this area. I found Andy’s advert in the local paper and with some trepidation I gave him a call. I was impressed with his quick response. He apologised that he could not come round that day but promised to call round the following morning, which he did.

    I found Andy to be a friendly, chatty man with a good knowledge of sport and World Cup football in particular. He solved my internet and printer problems and gave me useful advice about computer security. I will have no hesitation in calling him next time I have a problem.

    Paul Green

  3. Andy is my knight in shining armour. My hard disc died last week which meant a lot of panicing and a desperate look for a local IT service. I found Andy through a websearch and now wish I’d found him earlier. Excellent service, speedy and a great sense of humour too. Oh and great value too.

    As a small business owner it is great to know people like Andy. I would definitely recommend Leighton Computer Services.

  4. Martin Smith says:

    Andy has always been very helpful , thorough, available quickly and easy to contact whenever I have had a problem with my office or personal computer. He is very knowledgeable and has always been able to resolve whatever needed his attention. He also built a new office computer for me and it works very well !! Very much to be recommended !!!

  5. Don Brewin says:

    Thanks Andy for rescuing a huge amount of stuff when my laptop crashed. Also for your willingness to give assistance to so many people in different ways!

  6. Michael Griffin says:

    Andy built my computer several years ago. The machine specification was decided after we had had a discussion as to what I required the machine for. The machine has been very reliable and therefore I am a rather infrequent customer. On those occasions when I have required assistance Andy has always offered help via the telephone. When that has not woeked he has always visited promptly and corrected the problem.
    He is always friendly and his charges to me have always been very reasonable.
    Thank you Andy.

  7. Graham says:

    Andy went above and beyond to fix our wifi network, for 3 hours he was friendly and professional, we will most certainly be using LCS again and would recommend his work to anyone.

    Thank you Andy!

  8. Jo Mumford says:

    Having had repeated problems with my Computer over the last few years, people priminsing to sort out the problems to no avail, at last along comes Andy, with his expertise and friendly manner and all is well, many thanks Andy for saving my sanity and keeping me in touch with my son in Canada.

  9. andy collier says:

    thanks andy. your efforts on my PC is brilliant. i was thrilled when i booted it up after you had left and i did in ten minutes the same amount of work i had done on my slow PC in two months!! I will recommend you to others!!

  10. Tyson Quigley says:

    First class service and it was fast!! thanks Andy, will be using you for any more problems i have with my laptop!! 5 stars in my book for customer service!! Your a Diamond!!

  11. Hi Andy,
    thanks for your help and advice, I have known you for a long time now and would not use anyone else to work on my pc your knowledge is second to none and you will always help if you can, thanks again.

  12. Bob Harris says:

    I Have made use Andy’s of services over a number of years I have found him to be expert at his job clearing up my problems very quickly which has been relected in hisreasonable charges.I have returned to him a couple of time to buy equipemt as I trust his judgement.I also find him very pleasaent to work with. The only time i needed some assistance and he was not available he had left an alternative name who was very helpful and solved my problem.This make for good service whichis appreciated . have no reservstions in recommending his service.

  13. Roger Chapman says:

    Once again, Andy has bailed me out when I was in difficulty with a very quick response time, 45 minutes, to my home. When the problem could not be fixed there he took my computer away but returned it later that day with full function restored.

    This is a wonderful service.

  14. Maureen Wong says:

    Andy has always been very helpful in diagnosing problems to do with the PC often over the phone. He will then come round to put it right. He answers the phone promptly, is always friendly and approachable. He is willing to spend the necessary amount of time to sort out the problems.

    He is very patient with those of us who have limited knowledge of computers.

    Andy built the computer to our specifications so knows the machine very well.

  15. Mr Simon Lewis says:

    fantastic friendly service , called in with a problem and Andy found the time there and then to have a look and fix it. Thanks

  16. Richard Young says:

    Andy gets job the done. Simple. All round very impressive service, I have used Andy on a few occasions now and I will continue to do so. In a diffrent league to BT Business support, he picks up the phone in three rings to staart off with. Highly recommended.

  17. Jeanette Golding says:

    Andy has solved a number of computer problems for me over the years from laptop repairs to fixing my home pc. He is always easy to contact as you can call him directly on his mobile. He gives guidance over the phone and then visits swiftly to deliver a quick and accurate diagnosis.
    In addition to putting right any disaster that has befallen my pc (!) he gives some great advice and guidance when needed.
    Much recommended!

  18. Many thanks Andy for an outstanding level of service once again. When our computer went down this week, you fixed it swiftly and effectively and we found that all your advice was invaluable. You seem to always be available, easy to contact and incredibly knowledgeable about all matters relating to our computer. We would have lost business without your dedication. Thank you!

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